With Spring quickly approaching, it’s important to perform proper routine maintenance to ensure you can count on your vehicle when you need it most. Weather changing can mean potential wear and tear on your ride, but with routine maintenance, you can help mitigate issues.

At our dealership we pride ourselves on our ability to help drivers keep their vehicle running regardless of the season. While these five tips are only a small portion of what your maintenance routine should be, they could save you some major headaches.

Five Tips to Keep Your Hyundai Running Smoothly in Spring

  • Check Alignment and Suspension
    If you’ve had issues with potholes, they may have thrown off your vehicle's alignment or harmed your suspension. At our dealership, we can check and align your wheel to ensure proper wear. Additionally, we can handle your suspension needs.
  • Change Oil
    Oil is the lifeblood to your vehicle’s engine. By changing your oil and oil filter when required, you’ll be helping your engine’s efficiency, and it’s overall lifespan.
  • Check Fluids
    From washer fluid to brake fluid, you’ll want to be sure everything is at its proper level. Should they fall below, issues could arise.
  • Rotate Tires
    Along with alignment, tire rotation plays a significant role in keeping your tires healthy. When get your tires rotated you can aid in handling and more.
  • Inspect Brakes
    The last thing you want in Spring weather is faulty brakes. At our service center, we can inspect your brakes to see if they’re performing properly.

Whether you’re an Olive Branch, MS, Memphis, TN or Southaven, MS driver, our new Hyundai dealership can help you with Spring maintenance. Each of our service technicians is professional and take pride in their work. If you have any service-related questions, feel free to contact us.

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