Hyundai cars and SUVs are engineered with a focus on overall quality. This means that your Hyundai can live up to your expectations for dependability and longevity when properly and regularly maintained. As the days grow longer and the temperature rises in Olive Branch, the need for summer auto maintenance service increases. You may spend more time out and about during the summer if you are like many other Hyundai owners. In addition to the added wear on your vehicle, the warmer temperatures can elevate the strain that the vehicle will endure. Your Hyundai requires regular attention throughout the year, and there are a few critical services that it needs to endure summer driving conditions. Our service center at Homer Skelton Hyundai in Memphis provides quality services with competitive rates. We can give your car the attention that it needs with a focus on efficiency.

Brake Inspection and Service

Each time you slow down your Hyundai on the road, the brake pads are impacted by friction and heat. The pads will gradually wear down and should be replaced before they show signs of extreme wear. Otherwise, your rotors and drums may also require attention. Our certified techs are ready to inspect your Hyundai's brake pads and will tell you if any brake system services are currently recommended.

Tire Rotation and Inspection

Your tires can endure similar friction across every mile traveled, and the result is increasingly significant tread wear. Tread is essential for maneuverability, slowing, stopping, and overall safe operation of the vehicle. Rotating the tires and ensuring that they are properly inflated are crucial steps that promote even tread wear. We can tell if the tires should be replaced soon during your tire rotation service at our service center.

Filter Replacement

Between the fuel filter, oil filter, air filter, and PCV filter, your Hyundai has been engineered with essential parts that remove potentially damaging dirt and other elements. These filters must be replaced periodically to do their essential jobs effectively. When you bring your Hyundai to our service center, we can replace all dirty filters to promote Hyundai's mechanical health.

Oil Change

Motor oil collects dirt that makes its way into the engine driving around Collierville and beyond. The oil's ability to moderate heat, lubricate parts, and reduce the effects of friction are reduced as it does. The best time to replace motor oil is before it becomes very thick and dark. If your Hyundai's oil has not been replaced within the last few months, it may be time to schedule this critical service with our auto techs.

Engine Flush

Some of the thick, dirty motor oil can remain in the engine during a regular oil change. This sludge must be removed periodically, and the fast, effective way to do this is through an engine flush service. After a flush engine service on your Hyundai, you may notice optimized performance around Southaven. This important auto maintenance service can also maximize longevity and reduce the chance of a mechanical breakdown.

Wiper Blade Replacement

Wiper blades must be in excellent condition to remove water and filth during Hernando summer rain showers and use the automatic cleaning function on your Hyundai. When the blades are worn, streaks are left behind which ultimately can impact your ability to drive safely. Our technicians can quickly install high-quality replacement blades if your Hyundai's wiper blades are showing sides of wear.

Our Hyundai auto technicians are enthusiastic about keeping your car or SUV running well, and we are available to address all of its summertime maintenance needs soon. Schedule your next maintenance service with our certified technicians by calling our office today.

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