The Hyundai Palisade is a premium SUV that will appeal to drivers with its many useful features and impressive specifications. The 2022 model is now available on our lot, and its intuitive design and high-tech features can benefit you in many ways. Furthermore, it's also an exceptionally reliable vehicle, featuring impressive trailering and off-road capabilities.

The 2022 Hyundai Palisade comes in a few configurations: standard, Limited, and Calligraphy. These trims include unique exterior options, interior features, safety packages, and engine specifications. Our knowledgeable team at Homer Skelton Hyundai can provide succinct high-level answers to questions regarding the 2022 Palisade's configurations, features, and capabilities. Additionally, our new inventory is available for you to browse online.

Let's look at the specifics of the 2022 Hyundai Palisade:

Capability Features

The 2022 Palisade is a spacious, 3-door SUV. Interior seating can be adjusted from the armrests, allowing you to customize incline, heat, and legroom. The SUV is a capable trailer: It can haul trailers, equipment, and other vehicles that weigh upwards of 10,000 lbs. The 2022 Palisade has many off-road capabilities, too. It uses an advanced automatic transmission to provide custom modes for different types of off-road terrain. There are transmission profiles for dirt, desert, mud, rock, etc.

Furthermore, our new Palisade models have many options for reliable, flexible suspension systems that will provide drivers with more control over acceleration, braking, and handling while crossing rough terrain.

Additionally, some configurations for the 2022 Palisade have auto-leveling functions built into the transmission -- this will allow you to retain a more comfortable and stable view of your surroundings while traveling over uneven terrains, like large rocks.

Engine Options

Our 2022 Palisade configurations have powerful engines that utilize 6-cylinders in their design. This provides the Palisade with an impressive 291 horsepower at roughly 5200 RPM. Moreover, the 2022 Palisade's engine has impressively high combustion ratios, which allow the SUV to perform more efficiently by extracting more kinetic energy from fuel combustion. As a result, the new Palisade offers enhanced power and fuel efficiency.

All configurations of the 2022 Palisade have intricate and highly accurate valvetrains. This critical and innovative component manages the air-to-fuel ratio within your engine. An efficient valvetrain translates to fewer emissions, less harmful exhaust being emitted by your engine, and greater fuel efficiency. Our new Palisade configurations also feature direct injection fuel systems, allowing them to make the most of traditional fuel for enhanced take-off power and top speeds. These efficiency metrics are consistent on highways, domestic roads, and off-road.


Being an SUV, Hyundai understands it's crucial for the 2022 Palisade to deliver useful, well-designed, accessible technology features. Thanks to great offerings like the high-definition, pressure-sensitive touchscreen dashboards available with many new configurations, they have succeeded on this front. These high-tech displays replace the traditional analog dashboard with something sleeker, more customizable, and more easily read when driving. Additionally, the 2022 Palisade uses Bluetooth 5.0 technology, providing a simple and hands-off method to synchronize your favorite media from your smartphone with your SUV. Bluetooth technology also enables you to listen to your favorite music through the premium-grade, third-party speaker systems available with many configurations.

Safety Features

Lastly, the 2022 Palisade has many useful safety options, like automatic collision detection. This will play an audio cue whenever the vehicle thinks you're going to collide with an oncoming vehicle. The system will automatically employ the brakes if the driver isn't able to do so in time, increasing driver confidence and providing an invaluable tool for accident prevention. There are many other safety features included with the new 2022 Palisade packages.

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